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Planning Your College Graduation? Why You Should Purchase Your Graduation Stole

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If you're preparing for your college graduation, and you've decided to forego the graduation stole, you might want to rethink that decision. You might think that since the stole is optional, you don't actually need it, but that's not the case. The graduation stole is an important part of your regalia, especially when you're graduating from college. If you're still undecided about your graduation stole, read the list provided below. You'll find three important reasons to purchase your graduation stole. 

They're the Perfect Keepsake

Now that you're graduating from college, you want to have some keepsakes to remember the journey. After all, college is an important part of your life. In fact, you've probably spent at least four years of your life attending college classes. Because of that commitment, you need to have at least one keepsake on hand to commemorate your graduation. That's where the graduation stole comes into the picture. You can rent the cap and gown, but the stole you purchase can remain with you forever. 

They Keep Your Hands Free

If you're like most graduates, you're going to have a few things to carry during the ceremony. If you want to take pictures during the ceremony, you want to keep your phone with you. Unfortunately, if you're carrying your phone through the entire ceremony, you won't be able to shake hands or grab your degree folder. That's where your graduation stole comes in handy. Most graduation stoles come complete with a pocket on the back, where you can keep your phone and your keys. That way, you can take pictures during the ceremony, and put them away right before it's your turn to cross the stage. 

They're Customizable

If you belong to any college clubs or professional organizations, and you want to recognize that commitment, it's time to invest in your graduation stole. One of the great things about graduation stoles is that they can be customized to suit your needs. Stole colors usually coincide with specific organizations or fields of study, but the rest can be customized. Some customizations include your name, date of graduation, and specific graduation honors you've earned. Customization gives you the distinction you want for your graduation day. As an added incentive, stoles can also be customized to support your social awareness or to show support for your own cultural identity. 

Don't miss out on a great opportunity. Now that you're graduating, make sure your regalia is complete. Invest in a custom graduation stole of your own.