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Three Ways To Make Your Promotional Pens Stand Out

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Promotional pens are an affordable and straightforward way to get a product with your organization's name on it into the hands of your current and prospective customers or clients. When you contact a company that can produce these pens for you, one thing that you'll quickly notice is that there are all sorts of options to consider. It can be an enjoyable experience to browse all of the available options and come up with one or more ideas that you think will work well. It's important to realize that many companies hand out promotional pens, so you should put effort into making your product stand out. Here are three ways to achieve this goal.

Choose A Unique Color

While your first instinct might be to choose a white pen barrel, you should note that many companies take this approach. Pens with white barrels are commonplace, which means that your pen won't necessarily stand out from others. Instead, think about a unique color for this important part of the pen. Depending on the type of organization that you run, you might opt for something vibrant — perhaps lime green or pink. If you want something that stands out but is perhaps more suitable for people to use at work, a silver color may be a better choice.

Use Visible Wording

A lot of companies decide to put a lot of wording on their pens. This approach can be informative, but it can also mean that the font size is small — which can prevent someone from being able to read the pen from a distance. In order to make your pen design stand out, consider using wording that is highly visible. You might want to choose a simple message that allows you to use a large font size. Something as simple as the name of your business in a large font size can attract attention, but you might also want to go with a pun or a funny saying that will get people to notice the pen — and then have your organization's name in a smaller font for them to see when they look more closely.

Have A Unique Feature

Promotional pen companies can offer a handful of unique features that can make your pen design stand out. It's OK to be a little gimmicky in this situation, as you want as many people as possible to look at your pens. For example, a pen that has a small built-in light will certainly catch peoples' attention. This feature can increase the cost of your pen order, but you may find that it's a worthwhile expense because of how it makes your pen design unique.

Contact a promotional products manufacturer to get more tips or to learn about your options.