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Your Buyer's Guide To A Mens Harness

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Buying a men's harness for fashion or other personal use can be challenging. There are several styles to choose from based on your intent for this private wear. You also have to take into account the fit and comfort of a men's harness as well.

Making the experience most enjoyable is key; use this buyer's guide to help you learn how to purchase a men's harness successfully.

Measure the chest correctly

A men's harness comes in a variety of styles and sizes. In order to get the best fit, you have to measure the chest that will be wearing the men's harness successfully. Measure your chest this way: wrap a loose measuring tape under your armpits at the widest part. Where the measuring tape overlaps slightly snug is where you get your accurate chest measurement. Use these measurements to help you select a men's harness within your range.

Note: your measuring tape should be close to the skin without digging in too tightly. If your measuring tape is slack, your men's chest harness measurements may be too large; too snug, and you may buy a men's harness too small.

Choose the right material

A common material used in a men's harness is leather. Leather is durable, attractive, and works well with attachments, rings, loops, and other men's harness features. Other materials include polyester and vinyl, so make sure you stick with men's harness materials that have some stretch in them but still have a durability to give them a more attractive and useful appeal.

Choose the right design

If you plan on using a men's harness in conjunction with a bottom piece, stick to a men's harness that has a loop in its center or sides for connecting other pieces. Harnesses can also have handles or be stand-alone pieces. Some harnesses come with hooks and eye pieces to make them versatile for personal use and style, while other types of men's harness rely on the integrity of the original chest straps and designs to be appealing.

Choose the right design and style of men's hardness for your needs and desires. You can research various styles online before you choose the best men's harness for your needs.

When you buy a men's harness, pay attention to fit and comfort. You can wear this type of male accessory alone or under clothing, depending on how you want to express yourself. Store a men's harness properly when not in use so the piece lasts longer and retains its shape better.