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Purchase A Pre Owned Gaming System And Accessories

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If your son raves about his friend's video game system and the latest adventure game that he has been playing while spending time with his peer, you may have been bombarded with requests to purchase a similar system for your teen to use in his room. The price of new equipment is often high and if you have no background in electronics, foregoing the decison to buy a unit may be your first choice. Come to a mutual decison and ask for your son to contribute funds or help at home, prior to purchasing a pre owned gaming unit from a pawn shop.

Scope Out What Is Available

Merchandise that is for sale at a pawn shop will change frequently and some shop owners may have limited access to gaming systems or may only feature one or two units at any given time. Don't let this discourage you, since a pawn shop owner may suddenly acquire additional items.

In fact, if you are not able to locate a particular gaming unit or games that you son is interested in, you can let a pawn shop owner know what you are looking for and furnish your contact information. While waiting for a gaming system to become available, work on relaying the information to your son and coming up with a plan that will assist with paying for the gaming gear.

Determine The Payment Process And Instill Owner Responsibility Guidelines

If your son has a part time job, tell him that you would like him to contribute to the cost of the game system, controllers, and accessories. If he is unemployed or is not old enough to work yet, a list of household chores can be given to him, in exchange for purchasing the gaming gear. Since you won't be paying as much as you would if you were to purchase new equipment, you may be able to afford the purchases, without putting a strain on your budget.

The completion of the chores will assist with teaching your son that nothing in life is free and that responsibility is expected. In addition to receiving help with the chores, instill some guidelines, which pertain to using the gaming equipment. School and family obligations should come first. Set up times that you will allow your son to enjoy his game system.

On the day that you are ready to purchase the equipment, take your son along with you to the pawn shop. Inspect the equipment and learn how to operate it, prior to paying the clerk and bringing the purchases home with you.

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