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What's Easier Than Getting CBD From A Store Or Dispensary?

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CBD derivatives, including oil and salves, are very popular products right now. So popular that it is difficult to find them, and when you do find them, you run the risk of not getting any because the products are at a distance from your home. While CBD may be delivered through various shipping channels, it is tricky to do. So, how do you get the CBD before it runs out at one of the few locations where there still is some, and get it on the same day you want it? You get it by doing the following. 

Find the Store or Dispensary That Still Has Some in Stock

This may take a few phone calls, or several phone calls. When you find a store or dispensary that still has some of the CBD product you want, ask them to take an order over the phone. Pay for it over the phone, and then ask if they have delivery. If this particular store or dispensary does not have delivery, there is another option to help you get the product you just bought. 

Mobile CBD Delivery

There are several cities where mobile CBD delivery services are popping up. Usually, most of them do not deal in the products themselves, but they do offer pickup and delivery service for the products you buy. There are also apps that you can download into your smartphone that place a request for the service. You agree to the terms of the service and set up the account so that your products can be picked up and brought to you. The service is a prepaid one, meaning that you have to pay for the mileage and distance the delivery person has to go to first fetch your purchase and then bring it to you. Part of that charge also pays the delivery person for their service. It is similar to a medical courier service, except that this service only deals in CBD delivery. 

Get Delivery Anytime

The best part is that some of these CBD delivery service providers are working around the clock. If you take CBD oil to help you fall asleep at night, and you find at 10pm that you are out of your CBD oil, you can place your order, pay for it, and then engage the delivery service to bring it. If you need a CBD product at four in the morning, the service can bring it then, too.