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If You're Watching What You Eat, These Road Sign-Themed Fridge Magnets Can Motivate You

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One of the challenges that you'll face when you're trying to eat healthier or trying to eat less is that when you're at home, the refrigerator is always just a handful of steps away — and raiding it may not be in alignment with your dietary goals. If you want to remind yourself about your newly acquired eating habits in a fun way, you might wish to buy a handful of funny fridge magnets. You can buy humorous magnets from a variety of sources, and while there are several that are food themed, one funny idea is to choose magnets that mimic common street signs. Here are some examples.

U-Turn Allowed Sign

Many motorists are familiar with road signs that prohibit U-turns, but you may also have seen other signs that allow you to perform this time-saving maneuver. A magnet that looks like this street sign can be a funny addition to your fridge when you're trying to make healthier dietary choices. For example, if you're watching a sporting event on TV and decide that you'll heat up some chicken wings or perhaps make yourself a bowl of ice cream, seeing this magnet will encourage you to make a U-turn and return to the couch without these unhealthy foods.

Do Not Enter Sign

A sign that reads "Do Not Enter" is also common on roadways across the country, appearing at the mouth of one-way streets and in many other locations. This sign reminds motorists that they need to stay away from the street in question, and a magnet printed like this sign can do the same for you when you're heading to the fridge. Perhaps you're someone who has a habit of snacking between dinner and bedtime, which is a behavior that can definitely pack on the pounds. Seeing this sign that reminds you not to enter the fridge to grab something will hopefully compel you to stay away.

Detour Sign

When you're driving, a sign that marks a detour will often show you that you can't proceed in the direction that you expected, and will instead point you in a different direction. If you can find a fridge magnet that looks like this type of sign, it can also be a fun way to help you improve your diet. For example, you can position this magnet so that the arrow points somewhere that you should consider going. This could be outside to go for a walk, or perhaps the arrow could point toward the basement door to remind you to go down to your treadmill instead of into the fridge.