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Awesome Accents And Apparel That You Can Score Second-Hand

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Do you enjoy a bargain? If you are shopping for accents and apparel, you can find some great buys when checking out second-hand venues. Visit thrift stores and consignment boutiques to make your money go further, and to round-out your season's wardrobe with these great finds:

Designer Bags

You can score some exceptional deals when looking for gently-used designer bags. Check out the condition of the lining, performance of any zippers, and the wear-and-tear on the bottom before buying. Many times, you can find popular, expensive brands for pennies on the dollar to add to your year-round wardrobe.

Unique Unmentionables

Many people turn their nose-up at buying second-hand unmentionables, but typically camisoles, corsets, bralettes, and bras are in new condition or barely worn. These pieces can be costly to purchase at the mall but are found much cheaper at consignment stores. Check the wear on straps and the condition of any underwire, if applicable, to find items that will last.

Retro Jewelry

Looking for the perfect retro jewelry finds to go with an outfit or ensemble? Check a thrift store or consignment site first. It is easy to find inexpensive pieces that give a nod to bygone eras and that are still in style today. Some great offerings include pendants, cuff links, broaches, and rings.

Hair Accessories

If you would never buy second-hand hair accents, why not? These are typically sterilized before being sold and you can save a lot of money on some cool bling. From barrettes and clips to extensions and veils, give these items a second-look before paying full retail price.

Sandals and Shoes

Many shoppers already know that second-hand sandals and shoes can be an excellent bargain at second-hand shops; many shoes may end up here due to poor fit which makes their condition like-new. Make sure to check the soles for wear and any zippers or hardware for function before buying.

Luxurious Leather

A clothing consignment store is an excellent place to score outstanding deals on leather goods, including jackets, bags, belts, footwear, and cuffs. Leather is so durable that many of these items are not worn, but merely broken-in. You can also have your leather purchases professionally-cleaned before wearing, if you prefer, and still find that you save money with your second-hand find.

If you need to beef-up your wardrobe, check out reputable second-hand shops and sites first, to make your buying budget go further. From designer bags to cute hair clips, see what deals you might be missing at your favorite thrift and consignment vendors today!

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