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Three Iron-On Transfers That You Can Print For T-Shirts

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Buying a new color printer with a variety of desirable features not only allows you and your family to print school projects, recipes, and other items on conventional printer paper, but also experiment with other printing jobs. Something fun to consider is to buy iron-on transfer sheets, and then make an image with graphics software, and then print the design onto this specialized type of paper. Once the print job dries, you can then follow the instructions on the package and iron the design onto a T-shirt or other type of garment and proudly wear your creation. Here are some ideas for printing designs onto clothing.

Birthday Shirts

If your child has an upcoming birthday, it can be fun to put together a T-shirt design and print it at home to make a custom birthday shirt. The possibilities are virtually endless, but you might wish to include a picture of the child with appropriate wording — for example, "Happy 7th Birthday, Jordan." If your child is having a party with a reasonable number of young attendees, it can even be fun to make up shirts for everyone in attendance. In addition to the birthday sentiment, you could list the names of each attendee and present the shirts to everyone soon after the party begins.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Shirts

At many bachelor and bachelorette parties, it's common for the main person (and perhaps those who will be in the wedding party) to wear fun T-shirts. Although you can sometimes buy such garments at party stores, it's even more exciting to make your own by designing a product, printing it with your color printer, and then ironing it onto matching shirts. There are lots of ways to approach this idea, but you generally want a funny slogan and the name of the person, as well as the date. For example, you might write, "Erin's last fling before the ring — August 14, 2018."

Youth Sports Shirts

If you're the parent of a child who plays sports, you likely attend lots of games and cheer him or her on from the stands. You can take this support a step further by making a custom T-shirt with the help of your new color printer. Your design should be in the color of the team's uniforms, and you may wish to also have a picture of your child in his or her uniform on the front of the shirt. Come up with a fun and supportive slogan, such as, "Kate's number one fan."

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