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Wooden Dollhouses Teach Children About Families And History

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Young children have played with wooden dollhouses for generations. Young boys and girls like to play with wooden dollhouses that remind them of their own homes. If you have young children in your family, a classic wooden dollhouse with furniture and accessories is sure to give them many hours of imaginative playtime fun. Here are some options that can be included when you give a wooden dollhouse to a child in your family: 

Standard Dollhouse Sizes:  Wooden dollhouses are available for 5-inch, 12-inch, and 18-inch dolls. Furniture, accessories, tools, and kitchen appliances are available to fit all of these standard doll sizes including doll clothing, linens, bedding, and curtains. Wooden dollhouses are available from a single story dollhouse to a four-story dollhouse. These standard dollhouse sizes can fit Barbie dolls and other popular articulated dolls. 

Dollhouse Dolls:  Many wooden dollhouses come with wooden dolls. These wooden dolls include a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, an infant, and a grandfather and grandmother. Additional children and sets of grandparents are also available. Special unpainted wooden peg dolls come with some dollhouses and can be painted with acrylic paint to become specific family members. Wooden dogs, cats, and bird dolls can also be purchased to inhabit a wooden dollhouse. 

Historical Dollhouses:  Many wooden dollhouse makers create dollhouses that depict a specific time and place in history. These dollhouses can acquaint children with their first history lessons. Parents and grandparents can teach their children and grandchildren about their own personal histories that include specific housing styles and family accessories. 

Wired Dollhouse Features:  Some wooden dollhouses come with special lighting and other features such as blinking fireplace logs and glowing chandeliers. These features are powered by small watch batteries in each dollhouse feature and can be activated with a small button on each item. Other wired dollhouse features are powered by a short string of mini Christmas tree lights. 

Travel Dollhouses:  Special wooden travel dollhouses are available that can go with your children when they travel. All rooms and furniture on these travel dollhouses fold up and latch together and can then be carried by a child to school or to visit relatives and caregivers. These small travel dollhouses come with wooden peg dolls that can also be carried inside the dollhouse. 

Wooden dollhouses, furniture, and accessories can be personalized to depict specific family members and house features in a child's life. Wooden dollhouses are sturdy and can be passed down to younger generations as children grow. Children love to give their dollhouses to their younger siblings and their siblings feel honored to receive these well-loved toys. When buying a wooden dollhouse, choose one that can be loved by members of your family for many generations to come.