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Show Off Your Coin Collection And Keep It Safe With These Display Solutions

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Collecting coins is a good way to invest in collectibles and precious metals. You may have some valuable coins that are just rare, as well as some that are gold and silver bullion. One of the good things about these types of collections is that they can also be put on display inside your home, but you will want to keep them safe and secure. Here are some tips to help keep the coin collection in your home secure while it's displayed:

1. Insure Your Assets When They Reach a Value That Needs Insurance

There are many reasons for you to get insurance for your collectibles. Sometimes, the home insurance policy will cover valuables up to a certain amount, but may not cover damage or theft of rare collectibles. Contact your insurance agent and talk with them about options for insuring your most valuable coins and bullion. If you have coins that are worth thousands of dollars, insurance policies are a good idea to protect your investment. Before you can get these personal items insured, you will need to have coin appraisals done to find out exactly what their worth and what an insurance policy may cover.

2. Make Display Cabinetry Reinforced and Secured with Lock and Key

The cabinetry that you display coins in is also important. You will not want to have just any cabinet to display collectibles, but a reinforced cabinet. The cabinetry that you display coins and collectibles in should be sturdy and lockable, as well as use thicker shatter-resistant glass. If you already have a built-in glass display cabinet in your home, have it reinforced by a locksmith or cabinetry contractor.

3. Add Security and Surveillance to Your Home and To Display Cases with Valuables

In addition to having a more secure cabinetry for your coin collections, it is also a good idea to invest in security and surveillance systems. If you do not have a modern security system installed in your home, now is a good time to have it done. The cabinet display can also have an alarm installed on it and video surveillance that records that cabinet and its contents.  

These are some of the things that you can do to protect your coins and bullion safe if you display it in your home. Contact a coin appraisal service to have your coin appraisals done for insurance purposes before you display your collection in your home.