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Tips For Choosing A Handmade Fairy House For Your Fairy Garden

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If you're looking for a cute accessory for your porch, yard, or even indoors, consider creating a fairy garden. These are fun to make and you can use your creative energy to make your fairy garden as cute, simple, or complex as you like. Fairy gardens typically contain live plants and a fairy house. If you don't want to create your own house, you should look at the handmade fairy houses available from various artisans. Here are some tips for designing your enchanted garden and choosing a fairy house. 

Consider The Scale

You can put your garden outdoors, and if you have small children, you might want it large enough for them to play in. A garden this large would require a large fairy house, and you might even want one made large enough for a toddler to enter and play inside. However, fairy gardens are typically smaller than that. You can create one in a basket or tray and buy a small handmade fairy house to place amid attractive plants.

Think About The Environment

When you start looking at cute handmade fairy houses, you might have difficulty making up your mind on which one to buy since you may like several of them. One important factor to keep in mind is the environment the house has to face each day.

If you'll place your garden inside your home, the house will be protected from rain and sun. If your house will be outside all the time, it may not last very long unless it's made of durable materials. Even if rain doesn't cause the house to fall apart, it may fade due to sun exposure, so think carefully about how the weather will affect the longevity of your fairy house.

Choose Your Plants Wisely

The plants and your fairy house should complement each other when it comes to size. Plus, you want plants that are easy to keep alive. Your fairy garden will lose its enchanted appeal if the plants wilt and die. You may want to take your house with you to a nursery so you can see the plants and your house side by side. You may even want to ask for help choosing your plants so you can select varieties that thrive even if you forget to water them once in a while.

Building a fairy garden is a fun project for adults and kids alike. You can even make your own fairy house as a family project if that's something your kids would enjoy. Handmade fairy houses you make yourself or from an artisan have character and unique charm. A handmade house is a perfect addition to a fairy garden whether your garden is large or small.