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Consider Giving Out Customized USB Drives

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USB drives are a good device to customize and hand out as a promotional tool. Virtually everyone can benefit from this product, including working professionals who have important documents that they wish to share with others, children who want to back up video and music files, and many others. When you contact a promotional product company to learn about what products it has available for customizing, you'll often find that it has a number of different USB drives. Browse these products to think about what will be the best fit for your brand. Here are some options that are routinely available.

Standard USB Drive

There's nothing wrong with customizing and ordering standard USB drives. These drives come in different storage capacities and have a straightforward design. You can generally select what color you want your product to be, as well as have some printed information appear on both sides of the drive. Splitting up your information so that it appears on both sides, rather than trying to cram everything on one side, is ideal for ensuring that words are easy to read. You can have your company's logo printed on one side of the drive and your URL on the other side, for example.

Keychain USB Drive

Promotional product companies often have keychain USB drives, and you may feel that this particular product can be more beneficial as a promotional tool than a standard drive. When someone receives one of these products and clips it on their keychain, they'll see it several times a day, and this will ensure that your brand stays in the forefront of their mind. Some people will clip their drive to their backpack or purse, which can help your branding information be visible to other people, too.

Novelty USB Drive

You'll often find novelty USB drives that are available to customize with your company's information. These products can vary in design considerably, but their primary value is that they stand out visually compared to a standard USB drive. Different promotional product companies have different options. For example, you'll sometimes see USB drives that have a wooden exterior. This option can be ideal if you work for a company that tries to make environmentally friendly business decisions, given the sustainable nature of wood. You'll even see USB drives that come in different shapes. For example, a drive that is shaped like a car can be a good option for a company in the automotive industry.

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