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4 Faucet Features Ideal For Toddler Use

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As toddlers get older, they begin to seek more independence with their everyday tasks. This includes the use of the bathroom. For instance, you may teach your toddler to brush their teeth and wash their hands on their own. That said, the way your bathroom is set up can make a big difference in the way your child uses a sink.

Check out four faucet features to help transition to independent bathroom use without running into any major issues along the way.

1. Single-Handle Side Mount

Grabbing the handles could be one of the biggest hurdles for a child in the bathroom. Many faucets come with two handles that could create confusion. Shop for faucets with just a single handle so a child can simply grab the handle and turn the water on. A single handle side mount can pull forward for easy water access.

With this option, a child will not struggle to reach. The single handle is easier to remember to shut off as well. You do not want a child to shut one handle off only to forget to shut the other one as well.

2. Automatic Sensors

Eliminate handle use all together with faucets that have built-in automatic sensors. When a toddler goes to use the sink, they simply have to put their hands under the sensor and the water will turn on. The water turns off automatically, so you do not have to worry about extra water waste.

The child can reach the faucet much easier and you do not need to worry about them yanking on the handles too hard or pulling them in the wrong direction.

3. Brass Finish

With toothpaste, soap, and mouthwash, a child can get real messy at the bathroom sink. When you shop for faucets, look for solid brass designs. The brass can hold up to a lot of use, will not chip away, and can easily wipe clean. For the multiple years of toddler use, the brass finish will remain in great condition and provide a high-quality faucet for the bathroom.

4. Low Set Faucet

Some faucets are mounted higher up for adult use, but in the bathroom, you can seek out a low set faucet for a child to use. With less height, you reduce the mess and splatter created when a child washes their hands or brushes their teeth. The low set faucet is also easier to reach, especially when a toddler uses a step stool to access the sink.

Consider one or more of the features the next time you shop for bathroom faucet replacements. For more information about faucets, contact a supplier.