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Numbers To Check When You Buy A Plastic Model Kit

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If you're getting into the hobby of building plastic model kits, there are few things that can be more exciting than visiting a local hobby shop or browsing its website to evaluate the variety of kits that are available. Once you've identified some kits that relate to your areas of interest, it's time to look at a few critical numbers before you decide which one to buy. In person, look at the boxes to identify these details; when shopping online, you can customarily find this information in the product description paragraph. Here are some numbers to seek out.


Models are available in a selection of different scales. The scale represents the size of the finished model compared to the object it represents. For example, a spacecraft model kit that has a scale of 1/350 means that the model is 1/350th the size of the spacecraft itself. Knowing the scale is valuable because it will help you to understand how small the parts will be. The smaller the scale, the smaller the parts. Consider whether you enjoy the challenge of working with small parts or you prefer handling larger parts, and then buy accordingly.


Before you buy a plastic model kit, you'll want to confirm the measurements of the finished product. Learning the length, height, and width of the model will help you to understand how much space it will take up in your home. For example, if you have a plan to display the finished product on your desk, it's important to know the size of the model so that you can envision how much space on the desk it will occupy. If you're planning to buy a clear plastic display case to hold the model, knowing its measurements will ensure that you buy the right case.


Another detail to confirm before you buy a model kit is how many parts the kit has. There are different topics to consider regarding this number. For a novice, a kit with a lower number of parts may be less daunting, as well as take less time to complete. However, as you get more comfortable with building model kits, you might like the idea of a kit that has a higher number of parts. It will present more of a challenge to you and take more time to build, which are two things that can be appealing to many hobbyists.

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