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Avoid These Problems By Buying Your Diamond From A Reputable Dealer

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When you wish to buy jewelry, there are numerous ways to approach this task. If your budget is tight, you might lean toward looking for people selling diamonds in your local online classifieds, find a piece of jewelry that you like, and set up an appointment to meet the seller and buy the diamond. In some cases, this strategy can work fine — unfortunately, however, there can also be issues with doing so. When it's time to buy a diamond, you want to focus on shopping at a local reputable dealer. Here are some problems that you'll avoid by doing so.

Being Scammed

When you meet a private seller to purchase what he or she is selling as a diamond, you really don't know what you're getting. Many different materials, including glass and plastic, can be cut to resemble the appearance of a diamond. And, unless you're something of an expert in this subject matter, it's very easy for you to pay a hefty price for a worthless piece of glass under the assumption that you're buying a valuable gem. When you buy from a reputable dealer, you'll have a high degree of confidence that you're getting what you think you're getting.

Being Robbed

While some online sellers seek to defraud you, others seek to victimize you in another way — by outright robbing you. Some sellers will set up meetings to sell products to you and, know that you're carrying a significant amount of cash, plan to rob you. Such sellers may never even have a real or fake diamond, as they could just be using a stock image online to lure you to meet up. This is obviously a risk that you won't have to take when you shop at a reputable dealer.

Future Repairs And Cleaning

Many jewelry dealers offer customers who purchase high-value items such as diamonds complimentary cleaning and repairs for the life of the product. Over time, a diamond ring can get dirty around the claws due to oils from the skin and even small particles of skin. These issues can affect the diamond's appearance, but visiting your reputable retailer on occasion for a cleaning will have your jewelry looking like new. Similarly, if you ever damage your jewelry — perhaps breaking one of the claws — you can count on the retailer fixing it for you, often without a charge.