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Ways To Make Money From Yard Sale Finds

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If you love shopping at yard sales and garage sales, you may want to consider how you can turn this hobby into a new stream of income. Having a little bit of disposable income and some shopping savvy can come in handy, along with the following tips.

Look For Scrap Jewelry

When necklaces turn into a jumble of knots, some people will decide to stick them in a box full of small items at a yard or garage sale. If you have the patience to separate the strands of each chain, you may find some treasures stuck inside. You can sell broken gold chains for scrap at a pawn shop, and you can also sell any precious gems you find. If the jewelry in the knot turns out to only be the costume variety, you can still remove the jumper rings and clasps for use in repairing other items you find. As you shop, be on the lookout for broken watches, brooches, and other pieces that might have significant gold content.

Seek Out Music And Movies

Pawn shops also tend to purchase musical instruments, DVDs, and other entertainment items. If you find instruments in a decent state of repair, or if you find DVDs of popular films, you may want to consider negotiating a good price from the seller and taking them to your local pawn shop. CDs, cassette tapes, eight tracks, and records can also be great finds at local yard sales. Before you sell any music or movie items, be sure to do a little research on any you might not be familiar with. For example, some records might fetch more money at a record store or online. However, if you want to sell the items quickly, a pawn shop is still a great option.

Shop For Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing can be resold at consignment shops or online stores. If you know what to look for, you can pick up great vintage pieces for cheap to make an excellent profit. Consider focusing on a certain era at first to get really familiar with the labels and styles. Once you've mastered the art of buying and selling pieces from that era, you can move onto another decade. Don't forget to look for vintage jewelry as well. Even costume pieces from some designers can be worth a lot of money. As with any other item, do some research on any pieces you pick up. A pawn shop that specializes in antiques can be a great place to get a fair price when selling vintage costume jewelry.

As you begin to make connections, you may find private buyers for some items. However, selling gold and other items for cash at a pawn shop can be a great way to have fun shopping while also turning a profit.