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Five Great Lighting Options For Your Restaurant

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An inviting ambiance, warm and cozy interiors, and comfortable seats and tables are half the charm of a great restaurant. You must spend time and money making your restaurant look and feel enticing the same way you do with your menu. The entrance area of the restaurant would likely be the waiting area and where you would greet your customers before they find their seats in the dining room. When they open that door, they should be welcomed by a well-lit room that embodies the mood of the room, whether it's during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Here are five great lighting options for your restaurant:


Pendants are a great lighting option that hang from the ceiling and can be placed over the tables, bars, countertops and display areas. An electrician can install several pendants that are controlled by a main switch. They provide enough light for reading, socializing, and networking, while keeping the rest of unused corners dimly lit. Depending on the size, they can serve as an individual lamp shade for each table.


Like pendants, chandeliers also hang from the ceiling, but they also create a focal point in the dining area. If the room is relatively small, one chandelier can provide all the light that is needed. You can purchase ready-made chandeliers or have them custom-built to match the design of the restaurant and have an electrician install them. They are elegant but can be expensive.


Track lights are gaining popularity in modern cafes and restaurants. These are multiple fixtures attached to the ceiling that can be directed to different directions. Due to its industrial design, they are usually used for restaurants with a modern or monochromatic look. They are convenient to use and can be repaired or replaced easily by an electrician.


Recessed lighting is very common not just in restaurants, but also in residential houses. They are an improvement over light bulbs and can provide a very clean look to the room. Electricians install recessed lighting in an opening above the ceiling. They can be controlled to provide ambient or low lighting to the room. They are cheaper than chandeliers, pendant or tracks but not as stylish.


Of course, natural light adds beauty to a room. Get it in the form of large windows or skylights. Just be sure to take care of windows, as they are a clue to the cleanliness of the restaurant. Windows should be cleaned regularly. For skylights, skylight covers are appropriate for deflecting added solar heat and making cleaning easier. You can find different skylight cover options from local suppliers, like SHAADS™ by Koti.

In addition to the above lighting options, you can also attach lighting to a ceiling fan or use wall lamps. Wall lighting provides a unique contrast of light depending on the area of the room where it is located. These wall lamps are commonly used in bedrooms, family rooms, and other rooms that are meant for relaxation. Thus, it makes sense to use them in restaurants.