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How To Plan Your Winter Wardrobe

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As the days get cooler have you suddenly realized that you need some new clothes? From picking out new jeans to selecting a leather look jacket, here are some ideas that might help you to plan your new winter wardrobe.

Go Through Your Present Wardrobe

  • Eliminate items that you haven't worn in a long time.
  • Eliminate clothing that looks tired and outdated.
  • Try things on to see if you can give them a new look.
  • Don't forget to go through your accessories, too.

Allow yourself enough time to thoroughly go through your present wardrobe. For example, try on a skirt you haven't worn in a long time to see if it just needs a new blouse to give it a fresh look. As you go through your clothes, keep a paper and pen handy so you can write down things you want to buy. For instance, your basic black skirt might need to be replaced with a newer style. 

Create A Shopping Strategy -

  • Decide on a day that you can dedicate to shopping. 
  • Pick stores that are close to each other for easier shopping.
  • Find a saleslady that can give you suggestions.
  • Don't forget to check out resale stores and small boutiques.

When you are looking for a saleslady, see if you can find one that has your same coloring. By doing so, you might find that she is drawn to the same colors you would select. Ask her to be frank about how things you try on look. And, be open to her suggestions. Remember that she probably has the experience and the training to help you find things you might not have chosen before.

Pick Out Special Pieces -

  • Of course, you'll be buying basic items.
  • However, think of selecting unique items, too.
  • For example, buy jewelry that will add drama to your wardrobe.
  • Think of things like colorful scarves that can give extra attention to outfits.

When you're shopping for special pieces, such as from MAAXA, think about selecting a women's lightweight jacket that look and feels just like real leather. Try on different styles and colors to see which ones look the best on you. The great part about selecting a leather look jacket is that it will more than likely be more affordable than the real thing. In addition, the imitation leather jacket will probably be very comfortable because it won't be as heavy as a real leather jacket.